Why You Should Study Abroad in Taiwan

Taiwan is an excellent place to consider for your study abroad experience. Not only is the country welcoming to international students, it also has a high standard of living and a safe environment for students to thrive. Additionally, Taiwan is part of the group of four “tiger economies”, which also includes South Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong SAR, due to its consistently high economic growth. One university worth considering in Taiwan is Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU), which is located in the Gueiren District of Tainan city. CJCU is a private university that encourages a liberal and democratic academic atmosphere, with a focus on creative thinking and international perspectives. Here are five reasons why you should consider studying abroad in Taiwan:

  1. You want to learn a new language – Mandarin Chinese is the official language in Taiwan and is spoken by approximately 70% of the population.
  2. You are interested in studying at a top university – CJCU is one of the 26 Taiwanese universities listed in the latest QS World University Rankings.
  3. You want to experience a unique culture – Taiwan has a rich and diverse culture, with influences from various countries and regions.
  4. You want to enjoy a high quality of life – Taiwan has a good standard of living, with affordable cost of living and a variety of recreational activities and natural beauty to enjoy.
  5. You value safety – Taiwan is known for being a safe country for students to study and live in.

Environmentally Responsible Location 

Taiwan boasts beautiful natural landscapes, from sandy beaches in the south to volcanic mountains in the north and tropical forests along the coast. However, Taiwan’s environment is protected by a focus on sustainable practices, and mass tourism has not yet impacted the country’s unspoiled beauty. One example of Taiwan’s commitment to sustainability is the Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City, which promotes the use and development of sustainable energy and serves as a model for how green energy technology can be integrated into daily life. Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU) also places a strong emphasis on sustainability. The university’s Department of Green Energy and Environmental Resources teaches students about sustainable development, and the Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots Eco-Center promotes understanding of different cultures and encourages people to take action to make the world a better place, socially and environmentally. CJCU’s International Programme for Sustainable Development (IPSD) is a bachelor’s degree that focuses on solving real-world environmental problems and equipping students with knowledge of environmental sustainability, civil action, international affairs, and cultural diversity.

Explore a New Area 

Taiwan has excellent transportation options, including a modern and developed metro system, fast Taiwan High Speed Rail trains, and city buses that make it easy to travel between the major cities. For students looking to visit other parts of Eastern Asia, Taiwan has two international airports: Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and Kaohsiung International Airport. Both airports can be easily accessed via the Taiwan High Speed Rail or shuttle buses, making it convenient for students to travel without a car.

Fascinating culture 

Abroad in Taiwan

Taiwan’s culture is a blend of traditional and modern elements, as reflected in its architecture which features ancient temples and palaces alongside modern skyscrapers like the famous Taipei 101 tower. Taiwan is a democratic society that values education and family, and is a diverse and welcoming destination for international students. In recent years, the number of international students in Taiwan has steadily increased, with 128,000 studying there in 2019, compared to 57,000 in 2011. Literature, architecture, and art are also integral parts of Taiwanese culture, and students can participate in literary and folk festivals, visit vibrant night markets, and attend music and theater performances at various museums and performance venues.

Good Standard of Living  

Taiwan is an excellent place to live and study, with high-quality education, a reliable healthcare system, and low crime rates. The people of Taiwan are known for their hospitality and friendliness, and the country was recently ranked as the 30th most peaceful location in the world by the Global Peace Index due to its low levels of internal conflict and high levels of safety and security. Overall, Taiwan is an ideal study abroad destination in East Asia.

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